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Divine Ground Tantra

  • Do you sometimes feel you’re just going through the motions when it comes to sex?
  • That you’ve lost your mojo?
  • Do you worry about whether you can please your partner well enough?

Does the thought “I hope this isn’t going to be like the last time” play on your mind?

Do you ever think there’s got to be more to your sexuality; that there’s something missing?

The problem isn’t that you don’t ‘perform’ well enough in bed. That’s a lie that keeps you trapped in the situation you’re in now.

The problem is that most of what you learned about sex is wrong!

The truth is, many men feel embarrassed, anxious, even despondent, thinking every other man has it together in bed but them.

Because there’s such a silence, a taboo, on men speaking openly about their real experiences of sex and intimate relationships; beautiful men, just like you, suffer in silence.

It doesn’t have to be this way

You’re a whole being; body, mind, heart, sex and soul. “Sex does not exist in a separate compartment in our lives, but permeates our entire existence,” Napoleon Hill.

When you learn how to use your sacred sexual life-force energy to fuel and power your life, aliveness blasts out the frustration and tiredness that’s been your constant companion for too long. The performance anxiety that once tortured and mocked you melts away. The confidence that’s eluded you up to now smiles at you from your own mirror. Forget the ‘fake-it-till-you-make-it’ bullshit. Life’s too short for that.

You have to realise…

You have to realise something; too many men die early, bitter and burned out. Never having experienced the sheer joy and innocent bliss of their sexuality that was their birthright. That doesn’t have to be your fate. Now that you know what 99% of men on the planet don’t…that most of what you learned about sex is wrong, you can write a different ending to your story. The pen is in your hand.

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'Anxiety' refers to the sexual performance anxiety that many men experience. If you have or think you may have an anxiety disorder please see an appropriately qualified health professional.


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