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Would you love to have more…

  • Love & Connection
  • Deep Soulful Intimacy
  • Rapturous Joy
  • Ecstatic Pleasure
  • Radically Intimate Sex

Then it’s time for your sacred sexual life-force energy to flow freely, as nature intended!

“Sex does not exist in a separate compartment in our lives, but permeates our entire existence,”  Napoleon Hill. Your sacred sexual life-force energy is the most powerful energy on the planet. When this energy flows freely, naturally, connected to your heart, you live in alignment with your divine blueprint. You feel energized and empowered as a result.

Yet there’s a core wound that exists in our culture. This is the separation between sex and spirit. The genital/heart split. This split limits our capacity for true intimacy with ourselves and others, the enjoyment of our sexuality and denies the fact that bliss is our birthright.

Your Sexual Energy Is A Gift

Our cultural core wound is the separation of sex and spirit. With it goes our sense of innocence and playfulness and our once intimate connection to source.

As a spiritual being having a human experience, it’s agonizing to buy into a belief that human sexuality isn’t spiritual. Your sacred sexual life-force energy is divine. In service to your heart, it’s a blessing, a gift.

It’s a radical act of self-empowerment to reclaim your divine right to the pleasure and power of connecting deeply with your core life-force energy. This can lead to reduced stress, profound change and transformation in every area of your life.

You Are Wired To Experience Pleasure!

You came into this world wired for pleasure, for love, joy and bliss. It’s time now for you to experience all the delight in the divine ground of your own being that is your birthright.

N Hill quote 1You owe it to yourself to enjoy and revel in the fullness and richness of the divine gift of your sensual sexual energy. To develop healthy intimate relationships rather than life-sucking, drama filled ones. If you haven’t had much experience of this to date, maybe now would be a great time to start?

Sexual energy is the creative energy of the universe. Now is the time to holistically experience the ecstatic bliss of yours. Tantra with Abi…